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Home and Small Office Call Recording
VoiceGate brings the power and flexibility of a large-scale call recording solution to the Small Office/Home
Office market! Conversations, along with inbound and outbound call data (voice/caller ID), are
automatically logged and stored to your PC or laptop via a USB connection. An easy to use GUI (graphical
user interface) combines detailed reporting functionality, remote monitoring, playback capabilities as well
as a number of standard and optional quality assurance/monitoring tools. An optional client desktop version
of the administrative interface is also available for VoiceCatcher solutions within a networked environment.

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Every Word, Every Number, Every Time... in Real-Time.

Return On Investment
Decrease training time required to bring new staff online by using actual previous client interactions as a guide of expected performance.

Record and archive all telephone transactions: surveys, orders, contract changes, payments, collection attempts, etc.

Limit liability by having a recording of the original conversation.

Avoid misinterpretations, transcription errors and "he said, she said" discrepancies.


  • Ideal for recording all calls of any nature.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Works with most telephony configurations.
  • User-friendly computer integration and call management system
  • Quick search and storage functionality.
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